Squid Game: The Challenge, what’s it about?

The global hit drama “The Squid Game” is now a reality. Netflix’s new reality show, The Squid Game: The Challenge, is here. The prize is a whopping $4.56 million, or about $5.9 billion in today’s dollars. 456 participants from around the world will compete for the prize. Filled with uniquely Korean fun, the show will surprise you by recreating the original setting and props from The Squid Game.

Squid Game The Challenge Steel Cut

Global representation of Korean culture

Netflix’s new reality show “The Squid Game: The Challenge” is a real-life adaptation of the globally popular show “The Squid Game. The program features 456 contestants from around the world competing for a whopping $4.56 million in prize money. The program brings elements of Korean culture to the global stage, with global participants speaking Korean and playing traditional Korean games like “Mugunghwa Flower has Bloomed” and “Dalgona Draw”.

The appeal of diversity and global casting

The program is diverse in terms of age, occupation, nationality, and more, so the stories and motivations of participants from different backgrounds drive the rich content of the program. Executive producer John Hay and creative director Tim Harcourt introduce new games and rules that test the contestants’ character, giving them a new appeal alongside the suspense of the original drama.

Challenges and reactions during production

However, the program’s creation was not without controversy. Some participants pointed out the poor conditions during filming, and Netflix’s response to this was also noted. Kim Ji-yeon, CEO of Cyran Pictures, the Korean producer of “Squid Game,” also spoke about the IP deal with Netflix, emphasizing the need for Korean producers to strengthen their negotiating power.


“Squid Game: The Challenge” is considered to be breaking new ground in the reality show genre, along with the globalization of Korean culture. The diverse backgrounds and stories of the participants add depth to the program, and the new games and rules give the audience a new experience. The program is a great opportunity to see how Korean culture is reinterpreted and presented on the world stage.

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