Stabbings, indiscriminate terrorism a daily threat (Foreign News)

A recent spate of stabbings has South Koreans worried about their safety, and they’re canceling trips to crowded areas. This growing anxiety has led to an alarming increase in violent crime in South Korea. (Original article)

Similar crimes to the Seo stabbing case

Choi, 23, drove her car into a pedestrian lane and caused havoc, injuring five people. He then went on a stabbing rampage at a nearby department store, injuring nine more people. The incident occurred near Seohyeon subway station and two victims are currently in critical condition.

Another stabbing targeted a high school teacher.

Separately, in Daedeok-gu, Daejeon, a man attacked a high school teacher with a knife. The suspect was arrested two hours after the incident, but the motive for the crime is still unknown. This incident, along with previous ones, has sparked calls for stiffer penalties for heinous crimes and increased security measures.

The recent violence has also led to anonymous online threats to carry out similar attacks in crowded areas, further heightening fear and anxiety.

Amid growing anxiety, people are sharing their experiences and concerns:

Increased feelings of fear, anxiety, and loss of trust

Stories of fear and mental exhaustion are prevalent among those who commute to or live in areas affected by the attacks. They express concern about the lack of coverage for these events and the impact they have on their daily lives.

Families are rethinking their plans and considering canceling trips due to the perception of risk. Some people have even shared “kill lists” to spread information about potential threats in online communities.

Some people are hesitant to let their young children go outside due to safety concerns, while others admit they have lost trust in their neighbors.

Mobilize police forces and implement special measures

With violent crimes on the rise, the South Korean government has directed the mobilization of a significant number of police personnel to effectively combat these crimes. Police Chief Yoon Hee-geun also promised to take extraordinary measures, including expanding the use of physical force in emergency situations and conducting thorough stop-and-frisk checks on people suspected of carrying weapons.

As entire societies are gripped by fear and anxiety, it is important for authorities to quickly address these concerns and implement measures to ensure the safety and well-being of their citizens.

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