The full story of the wrong-way tiller van crash

There was a recent accident involving a collision between a van carrying actor Oh Jung-se and a tiller. The accident occurred in Buri-myeon, Geumsan-gun, and the husband of a couple in their 60s who were driving a tiller was killed and his wife was seriously injured. Oh and the driver of the van suffered minor injuries and are currently being treated at the hospital. The exact cause and circumstances of the incident are still under investigation.

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Misstatements that qualify as smoke

Oh Jung-se has been beloved for his acting skills and ability to portray a variety of characters. He has broadened his acting spectrum, playing a variety of roles from lead to supporting to passerby. In particular, his acting research skills and deep understanding of the characters were well-received by many fans. The latest accident occurred when a van traveling on a two-lane road in Buri-myeon, Geumsan-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, hit a tiller in front of it. A police official said, “The driver was not driving under the influence of alcohol, and it is still unclear if he was speeding at the time of the accident.” We’re going to run a speed analysis to see if you’re speeding.

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Observation efforts to postpone autism spectrum

Oh put a lot of effort into his character research. In order to play a character on the autism spectrum in a show called “Psycho But It’s Okay,” I actually went out of my way to meet, talk to, and observe people on the spectrum. His ability to study acting added depth and authenticity to his performance.

Actor Oh Jung-se has been loved by many fans for his acting skills and hard work. His recent car accident came as a huge shock to his fans, but we wish him a speedy recovery and continue to look forward to his performances.


1. What happened to Oh Jeong-se?

  • Oh Jung-se was involved in a collision between a van and a tiller.

2. What caused the incident?

  • The exact cause and circumstances of the incident are currently under investigation.

3. What kind of acting does Oh Jeong-se do?

  • Oh can play a variety of characters and genres.

4. How does Oh Jeong Se do smoke research?

  • For his character research, he meets with real people, talks to them, observes them, etc.

5. What is Oh’s most famous work?

  • “Psycho, but it’s okay” and “Mr. Plankton.

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