Transforming the Classroom: A Substitute Teacher’s Role in Fostering Student Relationships

As a substitute teacher entering a new classroom, it is crucial to establish a strong connection with students. Although some may question the significance of this, believing that one should focus solely on ensuring that students stay on task, the truth is that even in a short amount of time, a substitute teacher can make a lasting impact. You never know when a student may need support the most, and forming a bond with them can be invaluable. Source link

Greeting Students

Building connections start the moment students walk into the classroom. Instead of using that time to prepare for the day, it is essential to greet each student at the door. As they enter, make a point to say “hello,” “good morning,” or express excitement about their presence. This simple act shows students that they are valued.

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According to the National Center on Safe Supportive Learning Environments, greeting students in the morning helps establish a connection between the teacher and the student. It communicates to the students that they are important and cared for. When a student feels that the teacher genuinely cares, it can make a significant difference in their overall experience.

Showing students that you care also fosters a sense of comfort and safety, which are vital for effective learning. The authors of “Classroom Greetings: More than a Simple Hello” emphasize that a greeting says, “I see you, I welcome you, and I want to know more about you.” Students deserve to feel valued and proud of who they are.

Morning Meetings

Even as a substitute teacher, taking 5-10 minutes to hold a morning meeting can set a positive tone for the day. Morning meetings help create a safe and encouraging environment where community, trust, and respect flourish. When students encounter a new adult in the classroom, they may feel anxious. Taking the time to implement a responsive classroom approach like a morning meeting can alleviate this anxiety.

To start the meeting, introduce yourself and explain why you are there. Then, establish a list of expectations for the day, ensuring that students understand what is expected of them. Allow students to go around and introduce themselves, and take the time to learn and pronounce each student’s name correctly. Asking icebreaker questions will also help break down barriers and show genuine interest in getting to know the students. Such activities meet students’ core needs of having fun and feeling significant.

Effective Classroom Management

Your management approach plays a crucial role in building strong relationships with students. One recommended method is the Responsive Classroom Approach, which involves using reinforcing, reminding, and redirecting language. Language, including the words used, tone of voice, and pacing, is a powerful tool for teachers.

When a student is off-task, avoid calling them out in front of the whole class, as it may embarrass them and damage the trust you are trying to establish. Instead, use redirecting language, such as asking them to put away the distracting item and continue with their assigned task. Remind the student of their responsibilities, and when they follow through, provide reinforcing language to acknowledge their effort. This approach keeps students focused on their tasks while eliminating the need for constant approval.

It’s also essential to consider that a student’s difficulties in following directions may stem from underlying issues. Instead of immediately resorting to consequences, take a moment to inquire about the student’s well-being. By showing genuine concern and care, you signal to the student that you are there to support them.

Remember, as a substitute teacher, you may move from class to class, but when you stand in front of a room full of children, you are their teacher. You have the power to build a lasting connection with a student that they will never forget. Treasure this privilege and ensure that every student feels important and cared for.

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