Typhoon Kanun, track and impact

1. The current status of Typhoon Kanun

Hello, everyone. After the 6th typhoon, Kanun, swept through Japan, it now looks like it will directly impact South Korea. Today, we’re going to go over a number of details about this.

Kanun is currently 190 kilometers northeast of Okinawa, Japan, with a central pressure of 970 hPa and maximum sustained winds of 35 meters per second (126 kilometers per hour). Kanun’s track indicates that it will remain offshore south of Kyushu, Japan, through the afternoon of today (August 6), then turn north or north-northeast tomorrow to reach the waters west of Kyushu.

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2. When and where Typhoon Kanun is expected to enter South Korea

So, when and where will Kanun pass through Korea? Let’s take a look at the National Weather Service’s forecast for this. According to the Korea Meteorological Administration’s forecast, Kanun is expected to pass 60 kilometers east of Busan on the morning of the 10th and make landfall on the Gyeongsang coast.

Kanun is expected to make landfall with a central pressure of 975 hPa and maximum sustained winds of 32 meters per second (115 kilometers per hour), indicating a “moderate” intensity. Typhoons are categorized as weak, medium, strong, very strong, or super strong, with Kanun falling into the ‘medium’ category.

3. Expected impact of Kanoon

So, let’s take a look at how Kanoon will impact Korea. Due to the change in Kanun’s path, the Busan-Ulsan-Gyeongnam region is expected to enter the strong wind zone from the night of the 9th to the night of the 10th. Daegu, Gyeongbuk, and Chungbuk are likely to be in the strong wind zone from dawn to dusk on the 10th, and Gangwon and eastern Gyeonggi from the morning of the 10th to the afternoon of the 11th.

Based on previous typhoons similar to Kanun’s path, heavy rains and strong winds are expected across the country. Especially in Gangwon-Yeongdong, Gyeongsangnam-do, Ulleungdo and Dokdo regions, there is a possibility of heavy rain and strong winds.

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4. Estimated path change of ‘Kanun’?

But folks, it’s not yet confirmed that Kanun will be coming to your country. This is because a tropical depression is developing east of Kanun, and its path could still change. There is already a “downdraft” forming in this tropical depression that is pushing Kanun westward, which could change the projected path of Kanun.

Other factors that are likely to fluctuate include the extent of the North Pacific high pressure edge and its interaction with mid-latitude pressure systems approaching from the west.

“Kanun” is the name of a typhoon, but it’s actually a name submitted from Thailand and refers to a tropical fruit. But now that tropical fruit has turned into a typhoon in Japan, and countless people have been affected.

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