Victory, a lavish birthday party in Bangkok

Former Big Bang member Seungri (real name Lee Seung-hyun), who turned 33 this year, had a unique and colorful birthday party in Bangkok, Thailand. A Thai actor posted a picture of Victory’s birthday party on his Instagram. The victory was celebrated at a restaurant in Bangkok with about 20 friends. The birthday cake prepared for the victory was decorated with a photo of the victory and Korean phrases like “Lee Seung-hyun” and “Happy Birthday”.

Birthday party attendees

The party was attended by about 17 of Seungri’s friends, including an actor from Thailand. The victory was celebrated with a selfie with his friends. Victory’s fans also wished him a happy birthday by commenting on the post.

Winning Criminal Cases

Seungri is known to be a key figure in the Burning Sun scandal that erupted in late 2018. In these cases, Seungri was charged with nine counts, including violation of the Act on the Punishment of Acts such as Procuring Prostitution, violation of the Special Act on the Punishment of Sexual Offenses (filming with cameras), violation of the Food Sanitation Act, alleged embezzlement of Glass Holdings Now and Burning Sun funds, habitual gambling, violation of the Foreign Exchange Transactions Act, and special assault teacher.

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Post-winning event activities

Seungri enlisted in the military in 2019 due to the above events, but due to legal restraints, he was placed in a military prison. On September 16, 2021, he was scheduled to be discharged, but was sentenced to three years in prison at the first instance and remanded in custody. He was subsequently sentenced to one year and six months in prison by a second court, which was later affirmed by the Supreme Court. Seungri was later released from Yeoju Prison, a private prison, in February.

Seungri continued his unrestrained behavior after his release from prison and was criticized for it. Seungri enjoyed a trip to Bangkok with Yoo Hye-won, whom he had been rumored to be romantically involved with before his release from prison, and clubbed with acquaintances. He was also criticized for being unrepentant, partying in Singapore with Taiwanese star Bang Jo Myung Hsin-dong, who was punished for drug charges.

Since then, the victory has been mired in controversy on both sides of the aisle. Despite being mired in controversy on multiple occasions, Seungri has shown no remorse for his actions, enjoying a lavish birthday party.

Fans react to the victory

Seungri’s fans had mixed reactions to the news of his birthday party. Some fans reacted positively, leaving comments wishing Seung a happy birthday, while others criticized Seung for his behavior.

The outlook for the future of Victory is still unclear. Despite Seungri’s criminal case and the subsequent public outcry, Seungri is still living the high life. Fans have mixed expectations and concerns about the future of the Triumph.

Thoughts on a victory birthday party

Seungri’s birthday party begs the question of whether it marks a new chapter in his life, or whether it reflects an unrepentant attitude toward his past crimes.

Victory’s fans are judging his behavior carefully, and are still calling for him to be held accountable for the crimes he committed.

A societal view of victory crimes

Victory’s crime was not only a personal issue for him, but also a social issue. His crimes raised a number of social issues, including violence against women, prostitution, and drug distribution.

Victory’s birthday party showed a lack of remorse for his crimes, and the social outcry continues.

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