What is the response to the stabbing at Ankguk Station?

A man went on a rampage with a one-meter-long sword at Ankguk Station in Jongno, Seoul. The man was wielding a machete and acting threateningly inside a station on Seoul Subway Line 3, and police were rushed to the scene after a report was filed.

When officers from the Samcheong Police Station arrived on the scene, the man was still in possession of the machete, which fortunately was a real weapon and not a replica. Police were immediately successful in subduing and arresting the man.

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Swords, real, not mockups

Fortunately, there were no additional injuries at the scene of the incident. Police are currently investigating the man’s motive and the exact circumstances of the incident. The incident has traumatized the community, and there are growing concerns about the safety of citizens.

This incident once again highlights the importance of safety on the Seoul subway, and suggests the need to strengthen safety measures in the subway. In particular, the importance of thorough security screening and a rapid response system has been emphasized for the safety of citizens using public transportation.

The incident at Ankguk Station raised awareness of safety not only among Seoulites, but the entire country, and provided an opportunity to review subway safety measures.

Dealing with stabbings on public transportation

While it’s very rare to encounter a machete-wielding individual on public transportation, it’s important to be prepared for such an emergency and know how to react appropriately. Here, we’d like to share some important guidelines on what to do in a saber rage situation.

1. Maintain a safe distance

Stay as far away from the person wielding the sword as possible. This is the most basic way to ensure your own safety. To prevent people from panicking, you should also encourage those around you to move quickly and calmly.

2. Get help quickly

In a stabbing situation, it’s important to call the police immediately. You should use your smartphone to quickly dial 112, or use the panic button at the subway station to quickly alert station staff or security. When asking for help, you should clearly communicate where you are and what’s going on, and provide as much information as possible.

3. Identify an evacuation route

It’s a good idea to identify evacuation routes for public transportation in advance. Knowing the location of an emergency exit or other exit can help you evacuate quickly in the event of an emergency. It’s also important to show leadership by helping other passengers get to a safe place together.

4. hide and protect

If evacuation is not possible, you should hide in a place where you can protect yourself. Find a place where you can get out of the attacker’s line of sight, such as behind a solid object or in a room that can be locked. If possible, get low to the ground or shield yourself with a suitable object.

5. Stay calm and handle the situation

Panic can increase the risk, so you should handle the situation as calmly as possible. Calm those around you, and be careful not to create fear. It’s also important to wait in a safe place until police or rescuers arrive.

These steps are the most effective ways to protect yourself and others when you are inevitably faced with a stabbing situation on public transportation. Always use public transportation with a sense of safety and be prepared for emergencies.

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