What’s in Karina’s explanation? Full apology

Carina, who is beloved by fans for her role as a member of the group Espa, recently made headlines when she posted an apology to her fans after admitting to a romantic relationship.

Kareena’s admission of infatuation and fan reaction

Kareena recently officially confirmed her relationship with actor Lee Jae Wook after reports of her alleged romance with him sparked mixed reactions from fans. While some defended her right to enjoy her personal life, others criticized her for tarnishing the group’s image.

Strong fan backlash and truck protests

Some fans reacted strongly to Kareena’s admission of infatuation. When the situation didn’t calm down, even leading to truck protests by rabid overseas fans, the company issued an official apology.

So on March 5, Kareena posted an apology to her fans on Instagram. She said she understands how disappointed her fans must have been, and she feels even more sorry for them because she knows how they feel.

What should the apology say?

The apology posted on Instagram was handwritten and photographed, and reads as follows

image 1

What did fans say?

Karina said she hopes to not disappoint the Mai in the future and show them that she is more mature and hardworking. She told her fans that she has always been genuine with them, and that each and every one of them means the world to her now.

Kareena’s apology was met with mixed reactions among fans. Some fans showed signs of understanding and forgiveness for her apology. However, some other fans still expressed their disappointment with her behavior.

If you’d like to see it for yourself, check out Karina’s official Instagram below.

image 2


It’s true that an entertainer’s personal loves can affect their work as a singer. But they have the same right to fall in love as anyone else. In Carina’s case, she took responsibility for her fans’ reactions, apologized, and vowed to do better in the future. It shows that she values her fans and goes out of her way to earn their support.

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