What’s the latest on DJ YeSong: Drunk driver in Gangnam Benz?

Recently, there’s been a lot of public interest in Yesong, who is an active influencer and DJ.

In the early morning hours of February 3, 2024, a famous DJ was driving a car while intoxicated, crashing into and killing a man in his 50s who was driving a motorcycle, but he allegedly only cared about his dog, making him a suspect in the controversial Gangnam Benz drunk driving case. (He was reportedly intoxicated at the time of the incident and was uncooperative with police requests for assistance, including squatting over his Bichon Frise without offering any relief, resisting police requests for a breathalyzer, and getting into a verbal altercation when police asked for his dog, which led to his arrest in handcuffs.)

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The fact that the suspect is a DJ who has worked in China and South Korea, has the surname Ahn, owns a dog, and suddenly made his social media accounts, including Instagram and YouTube, private around the time of the incident makes it increasingly likely that Yesong is the suspect in this case. (We’d like to go on record as saying that this is not true).

With the skills she developed in China, Yeesong returned to South Korea after the COVID-19 pandemic to expand her activities. Let’s take a closer look at Yesong and the path he’s taken.

DJ YeSong, a multi-faceted artist

Ye Song’s work in China gave him an international flair, which he used to become a recognized DJ at home and abroad. In an interview in 2022, he mentioned that he was active both domestically and internationally, which can be seen as a testament to his artistic capabilities and global appeal.

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Yesong, why you chose your real name as your active name

Yesong is using his real name as his active name. He said he struggled with his name when he started out as a DJ, but ultimately adopted his real name as his stage name because he felt it was the most authentic expression of himself. It’s a decision that reflects Yeesong’s authenticity and confidence, and shows his commitment to being more accessible to his fans.

Stay connected with your fans through social media

Yeesong has kept in touch with his fans through his Instagram and YouTube channels. However, when I recently tried to access Instagram, I was greeted with a “page unavailable” message, and my YouTube channel has all of its videos deleted or made private. No specific reason for this has been revealed, and fans are left wondering what happened to him.

Yeesong’s agency status

The official website of B.I.P.C. Tangent, of which Yesong is a member, is currently unavailable due to high traffic. This is frustrating for fans who want to stay up to date with Yesong, and adds to the curiosity of those waiting for more information about his activities.

Yesong’s recent history and the path he has taken shows how he is expanding his artistic horizons through a variety of activities. Despite the difficulty in connecting with fans, expectations remain high for his next move. Many are eager to see what the future holds for Yesong.

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