Who was kicked out of KAIST’s graduation ceremony?

At the 2024 KAIST degree ceremony, something eye-catching happened. At the ceremony, a graduate caused a disturbance by yelling at the president and was forcibly removed from the ceremony by Secret Service agents. Notably, the expelled graduate was identified as a spokesperson for the green political party Daejeon Daejeon Party, which made the incident even more impactful.

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President Yoon’s remarks at the degree conferral ceremony

President Yun attended the KAIST Class of 2024 degree conferral ceremony and delivered a congratulatory speech. During this process, a male student, dressed in a black bachelor’s suit, yelled at the president with a sign that read, “Rescind the tax cuts for the rich. Increase the R&D budget,” and shouted at the president. In response, security grabbed the student and dragged him out of the graduation ceremony.

The President’s Office responded to the disturbance by saying, “In response to the disturbance that occurred at the KAIST degree ceremony, the Presidential Secret Service separated the disturbers to ensure safety within the security zone and maintain order at the event, which was in accordance with the law, regulations, and security principles.”

Green Party strongly criticizes violent response

The Green Party strongly criticized the president’s actions, saying the graduate was treated violently by bodyguards after demanding the restoration of the research and development budget. A spokesperson for the Green Party also said they were taken to a police station.

The incident highlights the ongoing attention paid to issues related to presidential security, as disturbances at official events attended by President Yoon have occurred before.

These incidents are garnering public attention and sparking a wide range of opinions on social media. This can be seen as a reflection of the political situation in South Korea and the differences of opinion within the university community.

This incident highlights the need for a deeper understanding and discussion of how different political opinions and civic voices are expressed within Korean society.

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