Xiaomi’s EV ambitions, dreaming of the world’s top 5 cars

Xiaomi recently unveiled its first all-electric model to the public, revealing its ambitious goal of becoming one of the world’s top five automakers within the next 15 years. The announcement was made at a technology conference in Beijing, with Xiaomi’s chairman, Lei Jun, personally voicing the ambition. The conference revealed a lot about Xiaomi’s EV technology and future strategy, and it also marked the company’s 1003rd day in the EV industry.

Xiaomi's electric car, the SU7

Xiaomi’s first pure electric car, the SU7

At the conference, Xiaomi unveiled its first all-electric model, the SU7. The SU7 is a mid-size electric vehicle with a unique design and performance. In particular, Xiaomi showcased the Gulf Blue color model of the SU7, highlighting its innovative design with unique triangular headlights, LED light clusters, coupe-style lines, and an electric rear spoiler. The vehicle will officially launch in January of next year, and it’s already attracting a lot of attention.

At the forefront of technological innovation: Xiaomi Supermotor V8s

Mr. Lei also mentioned the V8s, a supermotor developed by Xiaomi. The electric motor is capable of 27,200 rpm and has a higher power density than a Tesla or Porsche. It will be in cars by 2025, with in-house research and production.

Xiaomi’s future vision and strategy

Xiaomi has expressed a strong commitment to the development of its core technologies and has stated its ambition to be the best in the industry, no matter how long it takes. The company plans to increase its investment tenfold in the future, with the goal of becoming one of the top five automakers in the world. Xiaomi aims to provide smart spaces that look good, are easy to drive, and are comfortable and safe.

These challenges and innovations by Xiaomi are expected to revolutionize the global automotive industry. It will certainly be interesting to watch them grow and change.

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