Zidane today, big press conference, one week for the haters!

Kwon Ji-yong, a former member of Big Bang who went by the name GD or G-Dragon, was recently acquitted. We’ve even gotten official confirmation of this from law enforcement. Despite these conclusions, unfounded allegations and unfair accusations persist in some quarters, causing great distress to Mr. Kwon and his fans. In response, Mr. Kwon expressed his deepest regrets and said that he would take a week to monitor the situation. After this period, we will not show any leniency and plan to respond strongly.

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Evaluation of the police investigation process

There are varying opinions about the police investigation process. While some have expressed disappointment with the way the police have handled the investigation, overall the police have been judged to have followed due process. As a South Korean citizen, Mr. Kwon trusts and respects the results and procedures of the police investigation. He also thanked the police for their hard work and expressed his hope that our society will develop into a more mature and caring one.

This blog, which was among the first to report on Lee Sun-Kyun ‘s drug allegations, has already stated that Kwon Ji-yong is not involved in the case.

Mr. Kwon’s relationship with Ms. Yeo

Suspicions have been raised about the relationship between Mr. Kwon and Ms. Yeo, but Mr. Kwon has made it clear that there is no relationship between them. They don’t know each other at all, until the incident was reported and they learned the woman’s name. Mr. Kwon emphasized this point and reiterated his denials about his relationship with Ms. Yeo.

Ms. Yeo’s change of statement and Mr. Kwon’s position

Regarding the change in Ms. Yeo’s statement, Mr. Kwon stated that he was unsure of her intentions. Despite the turmoil, now that the investigation is closed, we’d like to focus on what Jiyong Kwon can do in the future and what he can do in his day-to-day work, rather than trying to pinpoint individual responsibility. This incident made him more interested in social issues, and he wants to focus on the many problems facing our society, such as the drug problem.

Jiyong Kwon signs with Galaxy

Recently, Mr. Kwon signed an exclusive contract with Galaxy Corporation. This heralds new challenges and creative endeavors, and will give fans a side of us they haven’t seen before. The delay in announcing the deal was to wait for his former employer’s position, and he recently received his former employer’s blessing, signaling a fresh start.

Jiyong Kwon’s reasons for not attending and plans for future activities

Mr. Kwon had originally planned to hold a press conference on New Year’s Day, but the recent turmoil surrounding the closure of the investigation made it difficult to reschedule and he was unable to attend. However, I will be making a public appearance to say hello to fans in person soon, and I’m looking forward to interacting with them.

According to the full text of his handwritten letter, Kwon plans to establish a foundation for drug eradication and social responsibility. In doing so, I hope to address social issues and inequality, and fulfill both my artistic and social responsibilities.

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